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Your Personal Energy Management System

Picture a day when you’re feeling your absolute best. You’re fully energized, stress-free, and ready to take on the world. You feel powered-up and ready to tackle life’s challenges while still having plenty of energy to enjoy the things you love most. Now imagine that day was every day.

Your health and happiness is dependent on how well you manage your energy. The better your body is at balancing your energy and recharging when you feel depleted, the more energy you’ll have for everything life throws at you.


That’s where Energy4Life comes in.

Energy4Life is much more than just an ordinary fitness tracker or smartwatch. We’re launching a revolutionary new wearable backed by 20 years of in-depth scientific research and technology that has been conducted by Exponential Health Innovations.

What makes Energy4Life different? Unlike other wearables, we use the principles of bioenergetics - aka the biology of energy flow - to detect your physical and emotional energy levels and actively correct imbalances. All this happens in real-time without you having to do a thing. The result? You feel fired up with consistent and sustained energy throughout the day.

Why do you need to balance your energy?

Like a cell phone, your body’s energy works like a battery that charges and depletes depending on what you’re doing. With increasingly busy lives and endless responsibilities, our bodies often struggle to provide energy to aid repair and help us feel good. Think of your cell phone’s battery draining when you have too many apps running. Your body’s battery is just the same. If we want health and vitality. We absolutely must keep the body’s battery charged and sustained by using our body’s energy efficiently.

The secret is to detect, correct and protect your energy levels throughout the day.

Doing so will help you achieve more, feel less stressed and still have plenty of energy to do the things you really enjoy, whether that’s going for a run or cooking a meal for your friends and family


How It Works

5,000 years of ancient Chinese wisdom has been combined with modern algorithms and AI to detect key signals in your body to monitor and enhance how different factors affect your physical and emotional energy as you go about your day.


Here’s how it works…

  1. 1Detect your physical and emotional energy through our pulse reading sticker.
  2. 2Correct your energy 24/7 via our science-backed bioenergetic wearable ALT: Correct your energy in real-time using light frequencies.
  3. 3Protect your energy with personalized in-app meditations.

Detect: your energy levels with the pulse reading sticker

Detect: your energy levels with the pulse reading sticker

The Energy4Life sticker is worn on your skin, it’s so discreet and comfortable you won’t even know it’s there.

The sticker uses powerful, in-depth Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) pulse analysis to read your full pulse 24/7. The sticker detects your emotional and physical energy by analyzing the entire wave of your pulse. This makes it much more advanced than other wearables currently on the market that only measure a tiny fraction of the information that’s truly contained in your pulse. By categorizing the shape and pattern of your pulse, the sticker provides a vast amount of information into what’s truly going on in your energy system including your overall energy levels, energy stage, stress and emotions.

  • Detailed pulse analysis to better understand your personal energy system
  • Better understand how different activities and surroundings impact your physical and emotional energy
  • Feel safe in the knowledge that your energy is being monitored 24/7
  • More qualitative health analysis in real-time than has ever existed before

Correct: your energy imbalances with the bioenergetic wearable

Correct: your energy imbalances with the bioenergetic wearable

Did you know that different light frequencies communicate different information about our environment and time of day to our bodies? Blue light stimulates wakefulness, while red light calms us down letting us know it’s time for bed.

Our state of the art wearable takes the personalized energy readings detected via the sticker and uses light and magnetic frequencies to automatically communicate digitized information straight to your body. It does so by delivering Infoceuticals directly into the blood that pulses through your wrist. In turn, your energy imbalances are corrected throughout the day.

  • Feel energized & confident as your energy flow is automatically corrected on the go
  • Manually deploy energy transmissions when you feel like you need an extra boost
  • Feel in control of your energy levels throughout the day

Protect: your energy with personalized meditations

Protect: your energy with personalized meditations

Our dedicated app summarizes your daily energy score and the state of your emotions based on your body’s key signals. It then recommends personalized meditations and breathing techniques to gently put your body into a receptive healing state.

  • Activate your parasympathetic nervous system with bespoke meditations based on your personal readings
  • Put your body into a repair and heal mode by slowing down your breathing and calibrating your thoughts
  • Deploy tailored biosignatures based on your personalized recommendations while meditating

More insight. More energy. More you.

Always by your side

Our sticker and app will decode and analyze detailed pulse data (and more) around the clock - you don’t need to do a thing.

Automated Energy Support

Automated and personalized light and magnetic frequencies will correct and enhance your body’s operating system on the go, for more consistent and sustained energy throughout the day.

Reliable Recommendations

The app will give you a better sense of what part of your life is causing you stress and recommend meditations as well as breathing techniques to help you balance and restore your energy.

Your life. But better.


Because life’s too short to be running on empty. The more energy you have the happier you feel. More energy also means more strength, endurance and mental focus. And overall, more energy for life.

Think of Energy4Life as a personal energy assistant, here to make life easier, happier and healthier.

We’re under more pressure than ever, and time is increasingly precious. Which is why we need to find new ways to balance our energy levels.

Now you can enjoy the transformative effects of heightened energy levels on your mental and physical well-being.

Launching Summer 2022

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